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              About Texas Specialty Hunts
Texas Specialty Hunts conducts Texas Hunting with service second to none! We hunt various species in Texas including Texas Predator HuntingTexas Super ExoticsTexas African GameTexas Deer HuntingTexas Red Stag Hunting, Texas Prairie dog hunting, Texas Exotic HuntingTexas Elk Hunting & TexasFree Range Aoudad Hunting..
We have five different lodges located throughout the state sitting on 650,000 acres of prime Texas Ranchland. We have put together the finest lodging, game & meals that Texas has to offer.  No matter if you are bobcat hunting or elk hunting you can rest assure you will be well kept with fine dining, service and lodging. Texas Specialty Hunts takes great pride in the quality of service and greatness of game on their properties. You will not find a better accommodating outfitter in the state of Texas. So come join us on a hunting experience you will not soon forget.
Texas Specialty Hunts
13527 Duncan Road
San Angelo, Texas 76904travis@texasspecialtyhunts.com
Texas Exotic Hunting
We offer guided Texas Exotic Hunts & Texas DeerHunting with two options either a free ranging low fence whitetail deer hunt or high fence exotic or whitetail hunt.  Exotic Hunting in Texas has been a great success this season.  We specialize in African Game and Texas Trophy Whitetail huning safari style using high racks on our hunting trucks.   Texas Exotic Hunting hunts over 40 species including Texas Trophy Whitetail up to 250.  Other Texas Exotics  include Addax, Axis Deer,Aoudad, Blackbuck, Fallow, Bongo, Eland, Impala, Kudu, Nyala, Roan,Sable, Wildebeest,Waterbuck, Zebra and many more.. We conduct free range exotic hunts as well as game ranch hunting. You can extend your hunting season or hone your shooting skills 12 months a year!  We now have over 500,000 acres of private land with the largest being 250,000 acres continuous. We have some of the best  Texas  Deer Hunting in Texas. Our Texas Deer Hunts range from 150 to over 250 inches! Please look through our site and find the hunt that is best for you. Please contact Texas Exotic Hunting for additional details on Hunting Exotics in Texas. Hunters will fly into San Angelo, Texas (airport code SJT)
About Texas Varmint Hunting:
We offer Guided Varmint Hunts with several different options to accommodate any budget.  Varmint Hunting has been a great success this season.  We specialize in Texas Bobcat Hunting, species include Bobcat & Grey Fox.  Many of the ranches we hunt have multiple species. Brandon Ezell, operations manager for Texas Varmint Hunting will attend and guide every Predator Hunt.  Mr. Ezell has been full time with TVH for five years and hunts 12 months per year.  We use only the best in equipment such as LightForce lights and Wildlife Technologies electric calls.You can extend your hunting season or hone your shooting skills 12 months a year!  We now have over 500,000 acres of private land.  Please look through our site and find the hunt that is best for you. Varmint hunting in Texas could not be better this year.
The Philosophy:
Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting like you have never experienced before. We have Texas Deer Hunting ranging from 150 - 260 produced consistently. The philosophy is simple:  superior genetics, proper nutrition and a sound management team! With these elements in place, we produce numerous Texas Whitetail Deer over 200 inches every year.

The Deer:
All of our deer are Texas Deer.  Meaning, they were born and raised here in Texas.

The Result:
Superior Texas Deer raised consistently each year means there will be several deer in each class to choose from each year. (usually 5 - 8 deer per class is the norm.)

What does this all mean to the hunter?
Hunting  In Texas is the place for Trophy Texas Whitetail.  Texas Specialty Hunts is the company to hunt with. Superior customer service is what sets us apart. Along with luxurious lodging, meals and a 1st class staff  Texas Exotic Hunting will provide you with a hunting vacation that is second to none. The hunter will see several deer within the chosen class and will be able to have a choice when selecting his or her trophy.
About Texas Elk Hunitng:
Texas Specialty Hunts conducts our Texas Elk Hunts during the months of September - January.  Texas Elk Hunting could not be better the 2009 - 2010 hunting season spoke for itself.  We harvested 6 elk bulls over 450 inches with the largest being 479 inches SCI.  Elik Hunting In Texas is primaily spot and stalk .  Texas Elk Hunting has a high rate of success with the last four year being 100% on elk bulls over 350 inches SCI.  Our Texas Elk Hunts start at $6500.00 for Elk Bulls 350 inches to 400 inches. These Elk Bullls willl be heavy beamed with lots of length up front and typicly 6x6 or better.  We hope you can come join us on a Texas Elk Hunt like no other. Please book early as our Texas Elk Hunts are usually fully booked each season.
About Texas Red Stag Hunting
Texas Red Stag Hunting begins in September and continues through January.   Texas Specialty Hunts has put together the best Red Stag Hunting in North America. We have the genetics of the New Zealand Red Stag.  We have Red Stag ranging from 300  to over 500 inches!  You will not find better quality Red Stag in the United States. Our stags will have big deep crowns, long beams and tons of mass,.  Texas Red Stag Hunting will be spot and stalk.  We combine these hunts  with 5 star lodging and a full time chef. Join us on a unforgetable Texas Red Stag Hunt this fall!
We specialize in corporate hunts conducting hunts with a full time chef knowledgeable guides and first class lodging. You count on us to handle all the details for your customers for a successful hunt. Corporate hunts are usually three days two nights but can be custom tailored for your needs.

1. Corporations receive discounts based on the number of  hunters.
2.  Corporare hunts may be distributed throughout the year.
3.  Our 5,000 square foot lodge is second to none.
*An additional 900 square foot pavilion with  an outdoor bar and kitchen is a great meeting place to discuss business along with the 400 square foot fire pit.
4. Each of our guests' rooms are equipped with their own thermostat for our guests comfort.
5. A fully stocked bar complete with a full  wine and champagne list will add to your hunting experience.
6. Our guides and staff are professional, knowledgeable and experienced in corporate hunting details.

Airport transfers via limousine to the ranch is another  option we have for our guests.

Other Corporate Outings We Offer:
Meetings with full staff and wildlife viewing
Whitetail Hunts
Weekend Getaways with full staff and wildlife viewing

Luxurious Lodging & Unbeatable Meals
The lodge is 7000 square feet & sleeps up to 21 guests. We are set up for corporte or large group hunts. with a full time cook and knowlageable professional guides. There are six queen beds and one set of bunkbeds. Each bedroom has its own thermostat for your desired temperature. The great room is spacious with a fireplace and stocked bar. We have additional suites that can accomidate eleven guests. You will be served great meals and even a message if that is what you desire. Please include your family for a great outdoor vacation!
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